Gilad relates his life to two routes: the love for nature (especially Israel's nature) and the love of people and human history.

As a child, Gilad has inhaled the nature in between the salt shards of the Mediterranean and the gravel cliff of the beach in Herzliya.

As a young man he travelled different sceneries in the Golan streams and the wadis and mountains of Eilat , as a guide and headmaster of "Keshet Yonatan" field schoold and "El Artzi" travel college.

Gilad's love for people, earth and their connection by practicing non formal education within pre-militant programs and guiding unique tours in Israel and her surroundings.

Gilad photographs through the lens of a creator and the sole of an artist.

His photographs absorb their inspiration from different places, creating a live bridge from the bible to here and now. From still life, to the living creatures and plants, which the speaker dubs their silence.

The result shows a living, harmonic and peaceful structure capturing the viewers eyes.

Gilad's photographs decorate many public buildings and educational institutions, as well as domestic areas and guest houses.

Their strong and silent presence captures the eye and the heart from walls of galleries, offices and restaurants. Used as CD wraps, the soul connects them with the sounds.

Gilad has presented his art in a solo exhibition at the artists village in Aniam.

Four of his creations were presented in the "Hagada shel makom" project. Three of his photos were chosen during a competition and presented in the open exhibition "Mayim Ba Golan".

His photographs will be exhibited in a group exhibition at the photography museum in Tel Hi.

Gilad's Photographs are very suitable to the "Feng Shui", a Chinese theory of the connection and correlation of man to his home and environment.

The "feng Shui" photos are highly recommended by interior designers, as an ensemble of harmony and inspiration congratulating home comers.

Purchasing information can be found by the "contact" page.

In addition to the photos on the web site, Gilad's collection contains thousands of additional photographs which can be bought printed on photography paper, canvas, as a computer file or any other way.